July 19, 2008

New covers + promo cd and single!

В четверг забрал очередные долгожданные заказы.
Большое спасибо Pregrad.Net Ltd! :D

*Frida, #13 2000 (Sweden)
*Frida, #13 2001 (Sweden)
*Tiger Beat, June 2001
*Texas Music, Winter 2004
*Fredag, 26-27 November 2004 (Sweden)
*Complete Woman, October/November 2007
*Sweet Kisses promo Cd
*Come On Over promo RARE Cd single


Joanna said...

I was gonna send you that Texas Music cover :( Great stuff! :)

About Me said...

I did not know that you have this repeated magazine. I have bought it at Lisa :D