February 15, 2010

New Jessica Simpson Item!!!

* I Think I'm In Love With You [UK], MC

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Anonymous said...

Hey Andrey! :)
Sorry for such a late response, but I wasn't visiting my blog for a while :)
I would LOVE to have trades with you, but I'm from Poland, just like Joanna, so I don't know if you need another polish trader ;) My family lives in Spain, so I can get some spanish Jessica items from time to time, but I'm not planning to be there anytime soon, so it might take some time! But I really would love to get some Beyonce items from you and I'm definitely interested in having contact with you :) Here's my email:
thallisa@o2.pl so if you're still interested in trading, please, let me know! :)
I love your collection btw. :D