September 29, 2010

New Jessica Simpson Items!!!

* Music Heaven [China], September 2004
* Rating [Israel], September 2004
* Cosmopolitan [Estonia], March 2005
* Reality Tour Live [Taiwan], DVD
* Reality Tour Live [Taiwan], DVD 9
* In This Skin [China], Cat # 512439.2
* A Public Affair [China], Cat #660038
* Do You Know [China], Cat # 660952
* Do You Know [Taiwan], Limited Edition - Cat # L0091
* Irresistible [China], Tape MC



Anonymous said...

Hi, your collection is amazing! Please e-mail me. I might have some things that you want. I had a very big Jessica CD collection. You probably have most of my things, but I have a copy of her very first gospel CD, 'Jessica' that I want to sell.

Andrey said...

I have written to you on your e-mail: