November 5, 2010

New Jessica Simpson Items!!!

Today I received a very heavy letter from my friend Amanda from New Zealand. I am very happy to receive this remarkable letter with amazing magazines and other items with Jess. Thank you VERY VERY VERY much Amanda.

* D [US], May 2008
* Who [Australia], December 7, 2009
* OK! [Australia], April 12, 2010
* NW [Australia], May 17, 2010
* OK! USA [Australia], May 24, 2010
* OK! USA [Australia], August 9, 2010
* Real-Life Reader Biography [US], Book
* In This Skin [Taiwan], Cat # XCD598



Anonymous said...

Amazing I am happy for you. I don't really enjoy tabloids because they can be very mean to Jess, but you have an amazing collection. I don't get a lot of stuff in Portugal about her, but if I do, I'll buy 2 of it to send you one as a gift. U deserve it. Now there is nothing and I don't know when it will have ... but...let's hope!!

Andrey said...

I'm glad you looked at my blog and you like my collection with Jess, i'm very pleased to read this =)

I'll be happy if I have something from Portugal with Jess, THANK you VERU VERY much.

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