January 4, 2011

New Jessica Simpson Items!!!

Today at me my Birthday, and for me was a gift to receive from my very good friend Colleen the letter with new goods Jess in day of my Birthday. Thank you VERY VERY VERY much!!! =)

* Cosmo Girl! [US], September 2003
* Life and Style [US], December 13, 2010
* In Touch [US], December 20, 2010
* Happy Christmas Promo Card
* Fancy Stocking



Anonymous said...

Happy b'day AndreY. What a great friend you have and what amazing gifts. Love the HC promo card and the fancy stocking. So unique. I bet not many have that.

Andrey said...

Hey Rita, thx that have congratulated me on my birthday, to me it is very pleasant.
Yes my friend Colleen very strongly helps me.
I too very strongly love this promo card HC =)
This sock can be bought at auction eBay, on site Macy's it not any more on sale.
This sock means through a floor of year will be a rarity.