February 18, 2011

New Jessica Simpson AMAZING Covers!!!

Today I have received the letter from my good friend Emoke from Hungary, I love all these new AMAZING magazines thank you big for them!

* Vasarnapi Blikk [Hungary], November 16, 2008
* TV Ujsag [Hungary], December 27, 2010
* Tele Hold [Hungary], December 27, 2010
* Glamour [Hungary], October 2010


Anonymous said...

The Glamour is nice. I love that pic. I have your link in my blog,( not sweethazzard , my personal blog) so this way I can always know when you update and I won't miss a thing.
But when we change layout I will create a JS section on the sidebar and post your right on top. promess.

joanna said...

So lovely!