March 4, 2011

New Jessica Simpson Items!!!

* Cosmopolitan [South Africa], October 2004
* Cosmopolitan [South Africa], April 2007
* CMT [US], September 21, 2008
* Do You Know [US], Advance Promo CD
* You're My Sunday [US], Promo Audio Live CD


Anonymous said...

Really cool items as always.

Andrey said...

Ohhh YES <3 thank you Rita =)

jsimpsontaiwan said...

Can u share "You're My Sunday" Live in ur REAL CD?

Thanks & Love Jess

Andrey said...

I don't understand you :(
You need copy Cd or to you is necessary only copy track?

Henry said...

track in "You're My Sunday [US], Promo Audio Live CD"


Andrey said...

Hey Henry
Yes I can give you a copy of it track but give me time to take a song from CD =)
Please give me your e-mail!!!
Thank you =)

Henry said...

Thank u soooo MUCH =)

Can I affiliated with ur site?
really cool Items in your site!

"Do You Know [US], Advance promo CD" this track "I'm Just Me" i never heard before!

My Mail/MSN

Andrey said...

Hi Henry
I have written to you on your e-mail, check the mail!!

Anonymous said...

Andrey just checked the magazines you've sent Edu from Brazil. So cool and nice of you.

I can't wait to see what he sent you!

Andrey said...

I also am glad that my friend Eduardo has received my letter from Russia, it is the big day for me. =)

I don't know that have sent to me Eduardo, but I will know when I receive from it his letter hehe!