April 14, 2011

New Jessica Simpson Items!!!

Hey guys!!!

Sorry that I so long didn't update my site, I had difficult weeks, also feet were ill me and I couldn't go practically. Now I am perfectly in order and I have a free time to make updatings on mine a site. Last week I have received the letter from Mexico from my good friend Omar, I love all these new Cd's and DVD. Thank you SOO much =)

* Sweet Kisses [Mexico], Cat # SACD-0987
* A Public Affair [Mexico], Cat # 88697 00174 28
* Private Valentine: Blonde & Dangerous [Mexico], DVD



Anonymous said...

Great. Hope you fell better now

Andrey said...

Yes, thanks Rita =)

publicafé said...

hi andrey, nice new items!! loved the private valentine, beautiful cover, hope u feel better, and we have to talk in email to see what are we gonna do lol

Andrey said...

Hi Eduardo
Yes I remember that I should answer your e-mail, I will make it tomorrow =)
Usually an e-mail I answer all on the work when I am free.