April 29, 2011

New Jessica Simpson RARE items!!

Today I have received wonderful letters from my friends Niki from England and Lee from China.
Guys thank you so much, I love all these VERY VERY RARE new goods with Jess =)

* Irresistible [Canada], Promo CD
* With You [USA], Promo CD
* Sweetest Sin [USA], Promo CD
* Take My Breath Away [USA], Test Press Promo CD
* I Belong To Me [USA], Promo CD
* I Wanna Love You Forever [USA], Promo CD + RARE Jessica signed!!
* JSC Jewelry 2 Boxes


Ritovskyta said...

Hey Andrey - you just got the boxes? nothing on the inside? I would be happy with just the boxes as well, anyway =)

Andrey said...

Hello Rita =)
It only empty boxes, but they very beautiful. I love any production from JSC!