December 21, 2011

New cover, new design, and new life!!!

Hey guys!!
Likely you have noticed that I long didn't update the site and didn't do new design. Yesterday and today I worked over my site and now you see result. I hope you love it :)
My life has changed for last 6 months, 2 weeks ago I have left the BF to me hard about it to write, I loved it... Now I try to live further and not to turn around back!!
In 9 days all earth will celebrate new year and it is fine :)

* Music [US], Winter 1999 - My very first 1999 magazine cover with Jessica :)


joanna said...

It's the same design that I'm using ...

Andrey said...

I did this design planned still in the beginning November, but because of problems in my life I haven't completed it up to the end =( I checked your site and our designs are different =)

Ritovskyta James said...

The site looks great, Andrey. Sorry to hear about your BF.

Yes. You WILL be fine! It hurts now, but people leave and enter our lives for a reason.

Best of Luck!

Andrey said...

I also love the new design, thanks!!
I now feel better, thanks Rita :)