November 29, 2012

New BIG Jessica Simpson Items!!!

* Jessica [US], Gospel CD *Absolutely RARE CD*
NOTE: Jessica recorded that gospel album when she was 14, the record company which was supposed to release it had financial issues and closed down so the Simpsons pressed the CD for their own money and sold it from the car.
* In Touch [US], April 9, 2012
* In Touch [US], April 16, 2012
* In Touch [US], June 4, 2012
* Star [US], September 24, 2012
* Star [US], October 15, 2012
* TV Direkt [Germany], October 6, 2012
* Weight Watchers [US], November/December 2012
* A Chorus Line [US], VHS *Extremely RARE VHS*
NOTE: 1997 JJ Pearce High School production of A Chorus Line starring Jessica Simpson!! Jessica was in the lead role for this play and has several solo performances. This video is VERY RARE and only would have been available to JJ Pearce students that decided to purchase it. 
* Vintage Bloom Perfume 3.4 FL. OZ 100 mL
* Vintage Bloom Promo Card



aszle said...

How do you find these things, wow!

Andrey said...

ebay and friends help me :)